Barrio Fiesta Broth Cubes

Are you always searching for new ways to make your dishes more flavorful and delicious? You can do that quickly and easily with Barrio Fiesta broth cubes! Whether you’re making homemade chicken tinola or sinigang na baboy, our broth cubes give your dishes the extra savory flavor they need to make every meal enjoyable.

In addition to boosting flavors in Filipino soup dishes, Barrio Fiesta broth cubes can be used in other everyday recipes like paella, sautéing vegetables, or marinating your meats! They eliminate the need for many other ingredients and spices that you would typically use to heighten the flavors of your dish.

Buy Barrio Fiesta Broth Cubes online through our official Lazada store. Barrio Fiesta broth cubes are also for sale in all leading supermarkets in the Philippines.

Cooking with Barrio Fiesta Broth Cubes

Barrio Fiesta Broth Cubes are easy to use, quick to dissolve, and add deep rich flavors to soups, sauces, and other dishes. They’re a fast and simple way to make your dish stand out!

How do you use them?

To prepare, dissolve 1 bouillon cube in 2 cups (500 mL) of boiling water. Let the bouillon stock simmer on low heat and stir occasionally until the cube dissolves completely. For a stronger broth, dissolve 1 cube in 1 cup of water. Add to whatever you’re cooking and enjoy!


Barrio Fiesta Chicken Broth Cubes

Barrio Fiesta Chicken Broth Cubes are a delicious blend of natural chicken stock, special spices, and premium seasonings. Bouillon powder adds a bold taste of chicken to classic recipes. You can cook your family’s favourite chicken tinola with added flavour and texture. It’ll be a sure hit at home!

Barrio Fiesta Beef Broth Cubes

Made with natural beef stock and packed with special ingredients to deliver a deliciously authentic beef flavor in every dish. It’s perfect for enhancing the taste of beef in any recipe, including beef dishes, soups, and sauces. For instance, adding Barrio Fiesta Beef Broth Cubes to your beef nilaga will balance out the intense flavor of beef and the sweetness of corn.

When marinating, you can also dissolve crumbled Barrio Fiesta Beef Broth Cubes to evenly coat your beef slices.

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