Barrio Fiesta Condiments

Make every dish you prepare burst with intense flavors and alluring aromas by using Barrio Fiesta’s condiments. All the products that we offer will surely elevate all the meals you prepare for yourself or your family.

Each of the items in our product line is made with the highest-quality ingredients available to ensure that you are getting your money’s worth every time. From our Barrio Fiesta Bagoong Sauces to our Tubasuk, you can be sure that each one of our condiments is made to high standards.

Barrio Fiesta Bagoong Sauces

Barrio Fiesta offers a wide range of bagoong sauces to cater to every Filipino’s flavor preference. We have added some twists to our perfectly balanced bagoong base, which features the right amount of saltiness, sweetness, earthiness, and umami flavor.

Through our innovations, we were able to come up with several new variations to the traditional bagoong. Here are the different kinds of bagoong sauces that we offer:

  • Barrio Fiesta Bagoong Regular

  • Barrio Fiesta Bagoong Sweet Chili

  • Barrio Fiesta Bagoong with Garlic Bits
  • Barrio Fiesta Bagoong Sweet

  • Barrio Fiesta Bagoong Spicy

  • Barrio Fiesta Bagoong Spicy Gata
  • Barrio Fiesta Patis

    One of the most popular Barrio Fiesta condiments is the Barrio Fiesta Patis or Fish Sauce. This condiment is a Filipino kitchen staple because of its many uses.

    In addition to being a great dipping sauce and marinade for fish and pork, patis also makes an excellent flavor-enhancing ingredient. When added to traditional Filipino dishes, such as sinigang, nilaga, and tinola, patis adds a savory and salty taste that elevates every dish and makes them more appetizing.

    Barrio Fiesta Tubasuk

    Add an extraordinary taste to your traditional Filipino dish by using Barrio Fiesta Tubasuk when cooking. This natural coconut vinegar is milder than apple cider vinegar and features a hint of spice, making it perfect for dishes like chicken adobo and kinilaw.

    Because of its rich and slightly spicy taste, Barrio Fiesta’s Tubasuk can also easily enhance any food’s flavor profile. This makes the product perfect as a dipping sauce for lechon kawali, lumpiang togue, pork barbecue, and other dishes.

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