Barrio Fiesta Patis Fish Sauce

Barrio Fiesta Patis

Patis is a staple in every Filipino household’s kitchen, and Barrio Fiesta Fish Sauce is the choice for many local households.



Barrio Fiesta Patis: The Fish Sauce Filipinos Love

Fish sauce (patis) is an important ingredient in authentic Filipino cuisine. It has a rich salty and umami flavor characterized by its light gold color and smooth watery texture. Barrio Fiesta Patis has a strong flavor, so a little of our fish sauce goes a long way in your food. 

Why Do Filipinos Love Patis So Much?

People in the Philippines love patis for two major reasons. First, patis is a great dipping sauce or marinade for meat, especially fish and pork. It plays a major role in elevating the flavor of simple ulam-with-rice meals like barbecue and daing na bangus. You can never go wrong with a little bowl of patis, sliced calamansi, and siling labuyo on the side.

Secondly, patis packs a flavorful punch when you add it to famous Filipino soups like sinigang na baboy, nilagang baka, and chicken tinola. Its savory and salty taste just makes dishes more complex and appetizing. If you have patis in your Filipino soups, you can turn anyone into a raving fan of your home-cooked meals!

Why Choose Barrio Fiesta’s Patis?

It’s simple — Barrio Fiesta Patis is how fish sauce should taste like: salty and savoury, with a slightly sweet finish. It’s simple with its straightforward flavor, but its simplicity is what makes your favorite Filipino dishes shine more. Our fish sauce also has a round umami taste that’s assertive, rich, and just simply good.

Where to Buy Barrio Fiesta Fish Sauce

Barrio Fiesta Fish Sauce is for sale at all leading supermarkets nationwide. Our fish sauce is priced at P136 for a 250 ml bottle.

When talking about fish sauce in the Philippines, no one does it better than Barrio Fiesta. Find out why it’s the only choice of many Filipino families by trying it out today!

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