White Vinegar

Barrio Fiesta White Vinegar

Barrio Fiesta is a white vinegar Philippine brand loved by many Filipino moms and their families. Made from the best sun-ripened local grain and crystal clear water, our white vinegar is well known in the Philippines for its crisp and fresh taste. Its tanginess perfectly enhances sauces and complements dishes for an immense burst of flavor.

With its strong nuot-asim taste, it’s the special ingredient you need for chicken adobo, barbecue sauce, kinilaw, and more. When added to recipes or drizzled over salads, the slight hint of acidity will really spike up the flavors of your favorite Filipino dishes.


1 Liter

Barrio Fiesta White Vinegar: Sukang Puti Filipinos Love

Why Do Filipinos Love White Vinegar So Much?

White vinegar, or suka as it is known in the Philippines, is one of the most popular condiments in the Filipino kitchen. The wide use of sukang puti or white vinegar is largely due to the Filipinos’ love for elevated flavors — much like the punch of asim that vinegar provides.

White vinegar, when used in Filipino favorites like chicken adobo and lechon paksiw, also prolongs the shelf life of dishes. Sometimes, the flavors even improve the day after!

Preservative powers and a punch of flavor — that’s white vinegar for you.

Why Choose Barrio Fiesta’s White Vinegar?

It’s simple: much like our other products, Barrio Fiesta White Vinegar is made only with the finest local-sourced ingredients. It’s also a great addition to marinades that will help tenderize your meats. Much like salt and citrus, a dash of Barrio Fiesta White Vinegar will bring brightness to the other ingredients in your dish and perk up your taste buds. Your family will be eating delicious home-cooked food made with love and the best ingredients from the market.

Barrio Fiesta White Vinegar is also a great replacement for those on low-sodium diets. Our suka or vinegar adds a surprise element to classic Filipino recipes, so you and your palate won’t miss the salt.

When cooking with white vinegar in the Philippines, choose only the best – choose only Barrio Fiesta.

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