Barrio Fiesta Snacks

Transform ordinary moments into special ones by bringing out one of Barrio Fiesta’s snacks and sharing it with your friends and family. Made to suit Filipinos’ taste buds, each product will surely satisfy your finger snack cravings.

Each of our products is made with only the finest ingredients available to ensure their quality and your satisfaction. Once you have a taste of the delicious snacks we offer, you will be pleased with their savory taste made to cater to Filipinos’ preferences. Every snack we offer has just the right amount of saltiness that will keep you asking for more!

Barrio Fiesta Roasted Peanuts

Looking for a quick snack to eat this afternoon? Try one of Barrio Fiesta’s snacks, such as the roasted salted peanuts! This product is perfect as an everyday finger snack. You can eat it while studying, working, watching TV, or simply relaxing on your couch.

Made with high-quality ingredients, Barrio Fiesta’s Roasted Peanuts will surely satisfy your cravings. It is a delicious snack roasted with just the perfect amount of salt to give it an exceptional savory flavor.

Once you grab a bag for yourself or your family, you will be able to experience its crunchiness paired with its salty and nutty flavor. In no time, this might become your favorite quick snack.

Barrio Fiesta Garlic Roasted Peanuts

Our garlic roasted peanuts are perfect for people who like to have a little more spice in their snacks. This delectable Barrio Fiesta snack has the savory and nutty flavor that you love, balanced with the rich flavor of garlic. With just a few bites, you will know that you have found your new favorite snack food. This delicious snack is made by carefully roasting high-quality peanuts with garlic to enhance their flavor and provide them with an aroma that you cannot resist. Try our garlic roasted peanuts and see why Filipinos love them so much

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